Your team is more than just a group of people. It's a family, and you need to show that in your headshots. Let us help. We can create a custom headshot, featuring you and your team, that fits your needs and best represent your organization. Your group headshot will be professionally retouched by our master photographers, who will make sure that all of your blemishes are removed, your teeth are whitened, and your eyes are bright and clear. The result is a high-resolution file that can be used for any number of professional purposes, such as websites, social media profiles, presentations or even printed materials like business cards or brochures!

Our Story

The journey into the world of photography ignited with a modest Minolta point-and-shoot 35mm film camera back in the early 90s. This device became my gateway to exploring the intricacies of composition, film speeds, and harnessing the play of light. After 15 years, the transition to digital photography occurred with a Fuji Film Point and Shoot zoom. This evolution spanning decades culminated in the establishment of FD Finch Photography, nestled in the heart of Historic Benton Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Our focal expertise revolves around headshot photography, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from high school graduates to corporate leaders. At FD Finch Photography, we thrive on the challenges inherent in crafting the ideal corporate image for your business and capturing compelling, narrative-rich headshots that allow you to establish a benchmark for that crucial first impression.

Our Process

Our team will arrange for an on-site white backdrop to ensure a consistent display for all participants. The headshot station will be equipped with our complete set of cameras and strobe lighting equipment. If needed, we can utilize a primary constant lighting setup for individuals sensitive to strobe lighting. Each headshot recipient will have a connected display to review and choose their preferred headshot on-site.


Each headshot recipient will feature two distinct headshots – one conveying a serious demeanor and the other radiating a smiling expression. Our meticulous approach ensures that each headshot is carefully crafted for versatile use across different platforms. Initially, all headshots are taken in landscape orientation, with a subtle tilt to one side. This deliberate design choice allows seamless incorporation of branding and essential information on the opposite side of the image. Furthermore, we provide tailored, professionally retouched versions in both black and white and color, as well as a cropped 8x10 ratio for each chosen headshot.

Pricing Structure

We pride ourselves in simple straightforward pricing.  

Our onsite photography production are valued priced at $100.00 per participant. 

This pricing structure includes:

Onsite Headshot Setup and photography

In-House Headshot Photography Editing

(including skin touchups and blemish removal)

In-House Event Photography Essential Editing

Digital Download services

1 Year Archiving services

Headshot Photography

Testimonial of Excellence