City of Webster Groves Professional Headshot Session Proposal

April 19, 2022

First of all thank you for your consideration of our team. Our onsite headshot session will help showcase your current and newly elected officials of Webster Groves. Our session will help show the Webster Groves community see there leadership team in their best light with an uniform, inviting, caring outward face as they continue providing professional, efficient, and responsible services, while working with citizens to enhance its position as a premier place to live, work, and raise a family in a traditional yet progressive community.

Our Story

The passion for photography started with a simple Minolta point and shoot 35mm film camera in the early 90’s. This camera allowed me to start exploring composition, film speeds, and utilizing light. Fast forward 15 years, I finally arrived to digital photography, a Fuji Film Point and Shoot zoom. These decades of progression lead me to creating FD Finch Photography located in Historic Benton Park, St. Louis, Missouri. Our primary specialty is headshot photography, which has led us to host clients from high school grads to corporate leaders. Our team enjoys the challenges of creating the best corporate look for your business and the warmest story-telling headshots that lets you set a standard for making that first impression.

Our Process

Our team will set up a backdrop onsite at city hall to provide an uniform display for the Webster Groves Leadership. We will a lot 10-15 minute for each headshot. Our headshot station will include all of our camera and strobe lighting equipment. If necessary, we have the ability to use a primary constant lighting scenario for anyone sensitive to our strobe lighting equipment.  We will have a connected display for each headshot recipient to review and select their desire headshot onsite. 

We will use the main city hall chamber (or other suggest location ) for the group photography session. Once set up the group photo should take approximately 10 minutes.


Each headshot recipient will receive two headshots (Traditionally a serious and smiling profile) via digital download. Each file will have three versions. First will be a color headshot with the headshot skewed to one side(example show below). This allows a open space to allow for any branding or marketing. Second is a custom edited black and white version of the first photo edit. This version is perfect for press publications that are printing in black and white. Lastly is a color portrait orientation cropped headshot which would serve and a great digital profile photograph.

One 10"x8" landscape oriented metal print is include for every person photographed and comes with custom branding information.

Pricing Structure

We pride ourselves in simple straightforward pricing.  Our corporate onsite headshots are $100.00 per person. 

This pricing structure includes:

Onsite Headshot Setup and photography

Onsite Group Photography Setup and photography

Local Headshot Photography Editing

Local Group Photography Editing

Digital Download services

1 Year Archiving services

Locally Crafted Metal 10x8 Printing

*Digital contract version will be provided upon vendor selection

Metal Print

One word: luminescence. Our Locally crafted Headshot prints use a Metal Print medium that infuse dyes directly into specially coated aluminum panels creating brilliant images that shine with radiant color and sharpness.

Headshot Sample With Branding