Frequently Asked Questions

What are COVID Protections are in place?

Our Studio is cleaned and sanitized before and after every session. Also our staff are fully vaccinated, but will have a well fitted mask on for the duration of your session. And lastly, we suggest masks be worn by everyone in the studio that are not actively being photographed by one of our photographers.

Will there be a second shooter?

For our headshot session, no. But for special projects, depending on size and scope, we may have to add 1 or more shooters, videographers, and/or sound engineers.

Do I have to have my headshots done in the studio?

Not at all! Weather permitting, we can set up your headshot session outside if that better suits your personality.

What are your headshot rates?

Simply contact us and we will offer a custom package to meet all your professional headshot needs. In general, our pricing starts at $200.00

Do I have to order prints through you?

Not at all, but the advantage of ordering through us is that all of our products are printed and made locally. The other advantage is our prints hold their native size and you are not forced to crop out some of your photo to force fit the limited sizes the print shop offers.

Do you offer any corporate services?

Absolutely! We do offer our corporates rates along with onsite sessions. Contact us for more information.

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