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The journey into the world of photography ignited with a modest Minolta point-and-shoot 35mm film camera back in the early 90s. This device became my gateway to exploring the intricacies of composition, film speeds, and harnessing the play of light. After 15 years, the transition to digital photography occurred with a Fuji Film Point and Shoot zoom. This evolution spanning decades culminated in the establishment of FD Finch Photography, nestled in the heart of Historic Benton Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Our focal expertise revolves around headshot photography, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from high school graduates to corporate leaders. At FD Finch Photography, we thrive on the challenges inherent in crafting the ideal corporate image for your business and capturing compelling, narrative-rich headshots that allow you to establish a benchmark for that crucial first impression.

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50th Birthday Party Sign

50th Birthday Party Sign

“FD Finch Photography captures the MOST AMAZING photos that anyone could ever ask for. My 50th birthday backyard bbq party was outstanding and out of it came some epic photo's. Hiring THIS PHOTOGRAPHER is a no brainer! I definitely recommend them and will definitely use them for future events.”